pjw3dm1 - Kiss the Sky

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CREATED: 9/20/01

DESCRIPTION: A large FFA/Team DM map for Quake 3. This map was about six months in the making and went through serious revision a few times as I came up with better ideas and ways to improve it. It's certainly my best work so far and I'm pretty proud of it. The layout is quite complex, but it's surprisingly easy to get from anywhere to anywhere in just a few seconds, once you know all the tricks. There are a few experimental touches (e.g. the tele-fog, the transport tubes, and the kiss-the-sky-launcher), and the bots play the level very well, considering the untraditional layout.

The new textures are mostly courtesy of Evil Lair, although I did make quite a few myself (e.g. the shiny purple metal is an alteration of an id texture). Check the shader file for more texture information. Additional thanks to Death2UAll for the great custom "target launched!" sound effect. More of his custom sounds can be found here, graciously hosted by GONNAKILLYA. Finally, it's a little challenging to get the BFG and the Med Kit. This is quite intentional (especially with the BFG). If you're baffled, mail me.

WEAPON/ITEM LOAD: Two each of Plasma Gun, Shotgun, and Grenade Launcher. Three Rocket Launchers, and three Combat Armor. One Body Armor, one Med Kit, one BFG, one Lightning Gun, one Railgun, one Megahealth and one Quad. Ammo for each weapon, and various health and shards scattered around.

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