pjw3dm4 - Beneath A Distant Sun

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CREATED: 3/31/02

DESCRIPTION: A very organic-feeling FFA map for Quake 3. The original version of this map was a skills demo for a prospective employer, and was completed (sort of) in about a week. All I knew when I started was that I wanted something very organic, and I wanted it to go with the truly inspired skybox from The Mighty Pete (available at The Wadfather).

I wasn't all that satisfied with the original version because it was a bit cartoony feeling, the rock texture that I was using tiled horribly, the lighting was uninspired, and the bots were quite retarded due to rushed optimization and broken clusterportals.

Over the next few months, between other projects, I kept messing with it, and got some serious momentum going again when I tried projected/blended textures on the rocks and was pleased with the results. Coloring and lighting was interesting . . . I wanted purple rocks similar to the cliffs in the skybox, and I wanted reddish-orange light from the sun overhead, so I had to make the actual rock textures very, very blue in order to arrive at the purple result that I wanted. The only place you'll see the true rock color is near the egg pool. :) Anyway, the bots still fall in the lava a bit, but no more than any other hazardous map, and they'll occasionally have a bit of trouble exiting the red armor pool, but not very often (and it's about as optimized as it can be).

More props to Oak for the cool impaled skeleton and the three skulls light, to Cyber for the other sweet skeleton models, to Mr. Clean for the nice sand textures, and to Rayden for the great tusk texture that he was kind enough to make just for this map.

WEAPON/ITEM LOAD: Plasma Gun, Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, Lightning Gun, Railgun. and Quad. Red armor, yellow armor, and green armor (in CPMA only). Ammo for each weapon, and various health and shards scattered around. Oh yeah, and a BFG that shows up every now and then. :)

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