pjw3dm5 - Jam Number 17

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CREATED: 8/28/03

DESCRIPTION: This map began with a quest to create a large environment focusing on solid FFA/TDM gameplay, high framerate, and great connectivity. Visual complexity and eye-candy were a secondary focus, but I don't think it came out too bad in that respect either. I received quite a few comments in the beta-testing stages about the complexity of the layout, and the difficulty in learning the routes between important items, and so forth. I suspect that there are two camps regarding this issue: 1) A map should be simple enough that it can be learned and played with little confusion within a few minutes. -or- 2) A map, especially a large map, should have enough variation and interest in the layout that new tricks and options will be discovered throughout a number of matches.

I'm firmly in the second camp, and I tried very hard to give this map a certain degree of depth, without making it overly complex simply for complexity's sake. I sincerely hope I succeeded. As always, I recommend playing this map with CPMA for added spice, although it plays quite well in vanilla Quake 3.

Thanks on this one go out to (as always) ydnar, for the outstanding and constantly improving compiler, neato tree models and textures and general being-a-good-guy-ness. Additional thanks to Evil Lair for the excellent concrete-theme textures; they set a very nice understated look for the map that was just what I needed. The absolutely, brutally cool skybox is courtesy of Jaj, and the great rock textures are from the creative mind of Kat.

This is probably my last large map for Quake 3. Doom 3 is just around the corner (as is HL2), and I suspect that I'll be lured away from Q3 in short order.

WEAPON/ITEM LOAD: Two each of Shotgun, Grenade Launcher, Rocket Launcher, and Combat Armor. One each of Rail Gun, Plasma Gun, Lightning Gun, BFG, Body Armor, Megahealth, Battlesuit, and Quad. Three Jacket Armors if you're playing CPMA. Ammo for each weapon, and various health and shards scattered around.

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