pjw3quickie5 - Crate Efficiency

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CREATED: 7/20/04

DESCRIPTION: This map was created in two sittings (like most of my "quickie" series of maps), but in this case, it was created as an entry into the Second 20-Brush Contest organized by Chaos. The terms of this contest were that you could use only 20 visible brushes, up to 10 Visible patches in place of a brush (e.g. you can use 16 brushes and 4 patches), only 5 custom textures, and no map-models or custom sounds. I was pleased and surprised to win.

When I started working on the map, I knew a couple of things: First, it had to be a floater, in order to get maximum use out of brushes (no walls needed). Second, although overlapping brushes is normally not a great practice, I would have to get the most use of them as I could, so overlapping here I come. A few other tricks: The limitation was for visible brushes/patches, so the sky is a single patchmesh sphere in a caulk box, rather than multiple brushes, and the jumppads are marked simply by an additional face on existing brushes, rather than adding to the count. Finally, with a map this small, I could crank up the global _lightmapscale, which gave things kind of a nice, soft look. As always, I recommend playing this map with CPMA, although it plays fine in vanilla Quake 3.

The cool sky is a variation of one created by ydnar and Hipshot. Hipshot gets credit for the cool textures (except for the second sky stage, which is ydnar's). The textures were modified slightly, but texture creation is not my forte, and the map is cooler than it would have been otherwise.

WEAPON/ITEM LOAD: This map contains Rocket Launcher, Shotgun, Lightning Gun, Plasma Gun, Railgun, one Yellow Armor, the Megahealth, and various other health, shards, and ammo.

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