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CREATED: 4/9/02

DESCRIPTION: A largely concrete and metal semi-symmetrical arena o' death, with a few whimsical and/or unique touches to brighten it up a bit. I really struggled with item placement on this one, but I think I finally made the best of it. I hope you like it as well.

This map was originally a rocket arena 1-on-1 or 2-on-2 map (the only RA3 map I've made--and if anyone can help track that down, I'd greatly appreciate it. It's called simply "Shine", and was part of the second M3A map pack for Rocket Arena. It also seems to have disappeared from the face of the internet). Anyway, some people had expressed a passing interest in a vanilla Q3 version, so hey . . . why not?

This level includes many custom textures from Kiltron which = serious rockage. Thanks Kiltron!

WEAPON/ITEM LOAD: Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, Lightning Gun, Grenade Launcher. Red Armor, Yellow Armor, Megahealth. Ammo for each weapon, and various health and shards scattered around.

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