pjw3tourney2 - Harder Than Hate

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CREATED: 3/15/02

DESCRIPTION: This map is, by far, the best playing map I have made, and I put eye-candy for eye-candy's sake a distant second. To that end, even though the map is quite playable and fun with normal old vanilla Q3, I decided to tailor the map primarily to the CPM mod, simply because the changes that this great mod incorperate make one-on-one Q3 more strategic, more fun, and more intense. If you haven't checked it out, I highly recommend doing so. For this map, I am indebted to all the hardcore individuals over at the Challenge Network Forums, who put the various betas through the wringer for me, and made it much better then it would have been otherwise. Thanks also to Evil Lair for the great textures and weaponspawn model, and to The Mighty Pete for the skybox (available at The Wadfather).

In addition to the default map, the d/l also includes an FFA version suitable for 3-5 players, and a custom bot that will make you squirm (especially if you are one of those large-testicled individuals who normally plays on "nightmare" difficulty).

Tourney: Two Rocket Launchers, one each of Shotgun, Grenade Launcher, Railgun, Plasma Gun, Lightning Gun, Body Armor, Combat Armor, Megahealth, and (if you're playing CPM like you should) Jacket Armor. Ammo for each weapon except Railgun, and various health and shards.
FFA:Add a Quad, a holdable Med Kit, and a bit more ammo to the above.

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