pjw4dm1 - High and Dry

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CREATED: 1/1/06

DESCRIPTION: I worked on this map off and on for a long time while, some while working on Q4, and some after the game was shipped, and I think it turned out pretty well, after a lot of fighting with performance and drawcalls. I tried to go for a somewhat different feel than most of the maps that shipped with the game, and the RG area was an eleventh-hour inspiration. I decided that finishing it up was a decent way to start off the new year. It's mainly intended for FFA, but should also work as a TDM or Tourney map. I hope you like it.

WEAPON/ITEM LOAD: The map has the full complement of Quake 4 weapons, minus the Dark Matter Gun, along with an extra Shotgun and Rocket Launcher thrown into the mix. It also contains a Red Armor, a Yellow Armor, a Megahealth, and a Quad (although the Quad doesn't show up in Tourney mode).

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