pjwdm1 - Vermicious Knids

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CREATED: 5/31/99

DESCRIPTION: The first map I actually released to the public. If you can tell me where the title came from you have good taste in books. This is a fairly large DM map with night sky (thanks, Stecki!), caves, lava, water, good outdoor area. Also has some single player capability (i.e. monsters, but no exit--when they're all dead, you're done; but it's a good challenge--no difficulty settings).

WEAPON/ITEM LOAD: SS, CG, GL, RG, HB, BFG, 2 SG, 2 MG, 2 RL, all armors, Mega, Adren, Quad, Pack, Bandolier, Silencer (and Invul. if you can find it...

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