pjw3ctfduel1 - The Small Place (CTF)

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CREATED: 4/29/07

DESCRIPTION: This map was made in response to an unusual proposal--a collection of 1-on-1 CTF maps. I thought that was an interesting enough idea to get me to make another Q3 map after a long absence. Note that I'm still lazy enough to recycle an older map, rather than making something completely new; this map is a flipped/rotated doubling of "The Small Place" (originally pjw3quickie4).

WEAPON/ITEM LOAD: For each team, the map has Shotgun, Grenade Launchers, Rocket Launcher, and a slightly difficult/dangerous to get BFG (just for shiggles). It also contains 2 Yellow Armors, a Megahealth, and a Jacket Armor (in CPMA) for each team.

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