pjw3dm3_gen - Jumping to Contusions (Generations Remix)

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CREATED: 01/27/04

DESCRIPTION: This map is a remix, for the 1.0 release of the Q3 Generations Mod, of Jumping to Contusions, a large FFA/Team DM map that I made back in 2001. The layout is pretty sprawling with a great deal of height and vertigo-inducing bits. This level started off as a tourney (1-on-1) map, believe it or not, and after a number of people told me that it felt too big for one-on-one, I went crazy and added about another 60-70% to it and turned it into what it is now. If you're still interested in a tourney version of this map (for regular Q3, not Generations), be sure to look here. The map plays quite well in normal Quake 3, but you might as well check out the mod--it's damn cool!

This is probably the most visually appealing of my earlier maps. Part of the credit for that goes to Evil Lair, who provided most of the custom textures, although Kat, Karloff, and Jezebel deserve credit as well. And since we've started saying thanks to all the amazingly talented artists out there, the teleporter model is from the brain of stecki and the flag-holder is courtesy of KabaL. The cool new sky for this particular remix is a variation of one created by ydnar and Hipshot. Finally, thanks to Death2UAll for the great wind sound. More of his custom sounds can be found here, graciously hosted by GONNAKILLYA.

WEAPON/ITEM LOAD: Two each of Railgun, Shotgun, Grenade Launcher and Combat Armor. One each of Rocket Launcher, Plasma Gun, Lightning Gun, Machine Gun (for Generations), BFG, Body Armor, Med Kit, Megahealth, Haste, and Quad. Ammo for each weapon, and various health and shards scattered around.

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